Bad weather hampers search for teen in woods

Bad weather hampers search for teen in woods

RICHMOND — The search continues for a teenage girl who may have lost her way Monday afternoon near a highway.

Her family said the girl went missing after returning from a trip to Washington state and wasn’t found Monday morning.

«I don’t know why we can’t find her,» said sister, Lisa Williams. «I don’t로투스 바카라 분석 know how we can find the missing child.»

The family has been through enough losing to know finding her a parent, friend, or relative is not easy.

For several yea블라디보스톡 카지노rs now, Lisa Williams has searched on her own fo카지노 솔루션r her sister.

«In 2007, it was like she was gone and just never got to come home,» she said. «It was almost like she wasn’t there at all.»

Lisa Williams said her sister went missing during the same time her family saw a sign on a highway near their home saying «Search for Susie.»

The two-year-old girl is 5-foot-1 and weighs about 100 pounds. She’s blonde with long, black hair.

Lisa Williams also lost her niece in 2004 when she was 14. Lisa’s niece is now 5-months-old and wears the same hairstyle.

«It’s been a pretty lonely feeling at times,» she said. «It has been tough for us, but I think she does need some support and I think she needs some answers.»

She said her family has done everything they can to try and find the teen, including calling family, schools, law enforcement agencies, and even her own law enforcement office.

She said they have been contacted by police and search parties who can’t find the missing girl.

«If you’ve been looking for her and you don’t know who she is, how can you tell anyone? She’s very lost,» said Lisa Williams. «That’s the first thing I tell anyone that’s in the water looking at the ocean right now.»

Police said they are confident they know where to look, but don’t know yet where.

Anyone with information about this case is asked to contact the Manatee County Sheriff’s Office at 813-788-4767. The investigation is conducted through the Virginia Division of Criminal Investigation.