Children of garden point lead charge for justice

Children of garden point lead charge for justice

An angry mob of gardeners on Tuesday hurled abuse at a deputy mayor in central Dublin, accusing him of «child abuse» after he had been sent into the garda station in the wee hours of the morning.

At around 8am, a deputy mayor – who declined to give his name – was sent to the office of his colleague in the east of the city, where he was told that 바카라he had been sexually assaulted by two men last Friday night.

The victim, an alleged garda informant, said that the men, who were alleged to be members of garda groups – who he knew personally – took turns r우리카지노aping him on four separate occasions. The deputy mayor was not named but the incident has since been reported by other gardaí who had to leave their posts.

As he left the office in a black Range Rover to go to his home, the victim said: «You do not know what’s happening, do you? You don’t know when your baby is due.»

After exiting the building, the witness said: «I just want to tell you what’s happened. My son is due in three weeks. They’ve just raped me and taken the condom I had inside me. I was crying so bad.»

When a passer-by pointed out the scene and threatened to call the gardaí, the garda said: «The incident is a bit more serious than just that.»

The deputy mayor was not sent to 바카라사이트the post at the time but an investigation led to charges being laid last night in relation to a complaint made earlier in the morning.

It is understood that gardaí are investigating whether anyone other than the deputy mayor was responsible for the assault.

Two of the gardaí, who went to the scene of the incident together, were placed on leave pending the outcome of the investigation into the assault.

Dermot Nolan, the deputy mayor’s solicitor, said: «The deputy mayor has received some allegations of sexual assault and I believe it is important that he receives the help and reassurance he is entitled to under law. The gardaí have advised him of the consequences of his conduct. Any complaints of child sexual abuse, whether they are by the victim or another garda, will be dealt with by the courts.»

Garda sources said that the man who made the complaint had «admitted making the initial report to an external organisation, and that this person was responsible for bringing an internal matter to the attentio