Tait retires from rowing at the start of January 2017

Tait retires from rowing at the start of January 2017.

Tait has said he intends to continue competing until he hits 40, and his final competition will be the world championships at Tokyo.

He will step down from the British rowing team, where he had been rowing alongside his wife Lorna as team manager.

He will also leave b온라인 카지노 사이트ehind Lorna after the Olympics.

The pair started racing when the pair was still teenagers in their hometown of Nottingham, and together, the pair have won the London 2008 Olympic Gold and bronze.

In January of 2013, Tait to포커ok to Twitter to express his disappointment over his retirement from the team.

After joining the Team Sky team earlier in the year, Tait, who had already taken to social media to thank his wife and children for their support, joined the British team last 엠 카지노October to compete in the Olympic rowing championship.